My name is María and I'm happy to share my line and figurative art works with you through this site. For me, line art means simplifying apparently more complex figures and shapes, transforming them according to an idea and outlining their essence. I particularly love painting improvised lines forming deconstructed faces and bodies. In my artworks I try to exhibit ideas such as the beauty of imperfections through single, easy and yet complex, asymmetrical lines and figures. 


I believe that one line art is as challenging as it is therapeutic. The artist needs to finish a piece without lifting the pen or brush from the paper, even when the line did not go as planned, and there is hardly place for corrections. It teaches us to improvise and to focus on the importance of moment. 

I have shipped my original work internationally including countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, etc. In addition to my original work, I make illustrations to be offered as art prints. In this regard, exclusive collections of art prints can be found at PSTR Studio and Minus Art.


My work has been featured in platforms such as Architectural Digest, Design Boom, Elle Decoration, Interior Design Magazine, etc. featuring my recent luxury wallpaper collection innerLine for the Italian company Affreschi&Affreschi released in September 2021. For any enquiries regarding these wallpapers, please contact me through this page or send me an email to